Smart SAM Exchange Service


The Price Explanation:
230 euro SAM Unit Exchange Price
+ 250 euro Deposit (must be payed separately per PayPal: )

How it works :
After you make Order and Pay Deposit:
1) On same Day we will send you Fresh Refurbished and Programmed as new SAM Unit  , also a email with DHL Tracking ID
2) After you get your Exchange SAM Unit  from us , please send your faulty SAM Unit to us in the same packaging  back.
3) After we get back you Faulty SAM Unit  to our Lab , we will refund 250 euro Deposit *.

* To get full Deposit back :
1) Your Faulty SAM Unit must be without any mechanical damage from attempting to Repair, outside nor inside !!!
2) Faulty SAM Unit must be Send back within One  Week after You get the Refurnished SAM Unit (Legal time point is DHL successful delivery notification). After One Week,  we will charge 5eur/day delay fee !!!

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